Cat Adoption Application

Adopter Information:

Household Information:

*Please contact your vet’s office prior to returning this application and grant them permission for us to verify your information.

Personal References:

*Your personal references should not be relatives.

Filing of this application in no way guarantees your adoption of a cat from Tennessee Tails Rescue. By signing your name to the contract below, your application attests that the information you have given is accurate and true and also gives your current and past veterinarian permission to provide all information requested by us in regard to medical and preventative care they provided to any current and past pets. You also give permission to perform background checks to ensure that the applicant is a suitable adopter for a pet and does not have a history of animal abuse/neglect or other such offenses. The information contained in this application is material to our decision to place a cat into a home and becomes part of the contract in the event you adopt a cat from us. In the event you adopt a cat, you are agreeing here that the terms of the adoption contract are fully applicable even should you fail to sign the final adoption contract.

ADOPTION CONTRACT *Please READ and Initial all statements.

Please read the following

The parties hereto agree that the owners shall abide by the following conditions:  , hereinafter referred to as the cat, is being transferred to the adopting owner with the understanding that the adopter is taking possession of the cat to treat and to be responsible for it as thier own cat.

*By checking the boxes below you are placing your INITIALS into this contract*

  The cat will be treated as a family member with loving care and affection. I will do my best to ensure the cat’s safety and well-being.

  I/we will feed the cat at least twice a day and will provide a fresh supply of water at all times.

  The cat will live inside my home and will not be isolated from the family, unless it’s a declared barn cat by TTR.

  I will never allow any physical, mental, or emotional abuse of the cat.

  I will take the cat to a licensed veterinarian when vaccinations are due, but in no event later than one year from the last vet visit.

  I will provide all required and/or needed veterinary care, including: rabies shots as required every one or three years; yearly booster / FVRCP vaccines, routine dewormings, yearly tests for FeLV FIV, kept on flea/tick prevention, and prompt treatment by a licensed veterinarian for any illness or injury.

  If not already done, I will have the cat spayed/neutered by  and will immediately forward proof to TTR. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the immediate return of the cat to TTR.

  If any accidental breeding has taken place, kittens will be turned over to TTR and owner will be responsible for all legal fees.

  I/we affirm that no member of my household has been convicted of an animal welfare law violation such as neglect, cruelty, abandonment etc.

  I will ensure compliance with all applicable local and state statutes.

  I am adopting the cat for myself and I agree to not give away, sell, or trade my cat, even as a gift to a friend or family member.

  I will neither take the cat to a shelter nor abandon the cat.

  I understand that I must notify TTR, without delay, if I can no longer care for or keep my cat and agree to give TTR reasonable time to re-home my cat or place my cat in an approved foster home, if available.

  I must notify TTR of any behavioral problems that have occurred at any time before I return my cat.

  If the cat is removed from the property, harmed, sold, or transferred without express written permission from TTR, TTR will pursue through the legal system for costs and damages, including all legal fees.

  I agree to accept responsibility and ownership of the cat at my own risk and I release TTR and its agents from any and all liability arising out of possession and ownership of my cat.

  I agree that I am assuming total financial responsibility for my cat as of the date of this contract. TTR and its agents will not be held responsible for any damages or expenses (veterinary or other) incurred during my ownership of the cat.

  In the event the cat becomes lost or dies, I will immediately notify TTR.

  I will immediately notify TTR of any change of contact information (address, phone number, or email address).

  This cat’s known background and medical history have been discussed with me. I understand that TTR has made no representation concerning the health, condition, training, behavior, or temperament of the cat.

  I agree to permit TTR to make inquiry about and enforce any of the above conditions and requirements at any time after adoption. This can include visits to my home and contact with my veterinarian.

  I understand that failure to comply with any of the above provisions will result in forfeiture of the cat to Tennessee Tails Rescue.

  I understand that by voluntarily signing this agreement, I am entering into a legal and binding contract with TTR. Breach of any term(s) of this agreement is deemed actionable by TTR.

*By typing your name in the signature box and submitting the application, you are lawfully signing this contract.
Please check this box to complete the spay-neuter agreement upon submission of adoption application.